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"Now you can have an in-office procedure in your own home."
- Dr. Ava Shamban, Extra TV, December 2008

"...we found that daily self treatment using the device reduced the number of acne lesions significantly. Moreover the study demonstrated a significant improvement of the subjects’ skin condition. Study subjects also found the treatment user-friendly and easy-to-use at home."
- Dr. Michael Gold

Customer Testimonials

The tanda zap worked so good for me. My zit didnt go away in 24 hours, but I used it about 4 times one night and the next morning it was way smaller. It only took a couple days to clear up rather than a week. I've been telling my friends about it and they all want one now too.

I had the old Tanda Clear system and while I loved it, I think the new Clear+ is much better. I love the sonic vibration, it's like have a massage on my face. I find that it almost works better because it is opening my pores, but that may be just my imagination.

This Clear+ solution has saved my face from over crowding with pimples! I am very surprised that this product actually works unlike other acne treatments. This is the best item to have in a household.

My daughter bought me the new Tanda Luxe for my birthday and it is my favourite gadget. I have to admit, I have had fillers done previously on my lips and it ended up looking very fake. The Tanda makes my skin look refreshed and younger, while helping reduce the pesky wrinkles around my lips

Used Luxe about a month already notice lessening of fine lines. Also bought the blue attachment for acne....started to get a big cystic one around that time of the month, used the blue head and it stopped it in its track. Goodbye acne creams, gels, goop. Other than my clarisonic, this is one of my FAVORITE beauty products/gadgets.

I was almost ready to commit to the profesisonal laser treatments but the cost always held me back and my friends who have had it done say it's painful. I read about tanda me in a magazine and since they offer a risk free trial i thought i would give it a try. I have to say, so far i'm impressed. After a couple of treatments i noticed large areas of hair not growing back and the hair that is growing back, comes in much slower and thinner. Another bonus, it doesn't hurt at all. My friends all want to borrow my me now.