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Fast & gentle solution for clear skin

Clear+ combines the same powerful bacteria-killing blue light used by dermatologists with sonic vibration and gentle warming to clear large breakout areas with unsurpassed speed and effectiveness without drying.

•Clears existing breakouts
•Helps prevent future outbreaks
•Gentle enough for all skin types
•No irritation, dryness or redness
•Dermatologist recommended

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TANDA clear+

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Acne breakouts occur when hormonal changes cause our sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum (oil), P. acnes bacteria feed on the sebum and multiply, clogged pores trap the multiplying P. acnes bacteria and white blood cells move in to fight off the invading bacteria -the result, a pimple. Blue LED light has been clinically proven to kill acne-causing P. acnes bacteria, clearing existing blemishes and preventing future outbreaks.
The clear+ uses a combination of powerful blue light with sonic vibration and gentle warming for clinically proven clearing results.

How it works

Blue Light

  1. 414nm blue light works by producing oxygen singlets which attach to the P.acnes bacteria (acne-causing bacteria). These singlets have a phototoxic effect on key porphorins, causing the P.acnes bacteria to self-destruct

Sonic vibration:

  1. Increases microcirculation to reduce swelling and inflammation while agitating the skin to expose more of the bacteria to the light

Gentle warming:

  1. Produced by the light energy, opens pores and allows the light to reach more bacteria

Clinically proven to clear acne faster and more effectively than ever before

The Clear+ is fast and effective. It starts working immediately to clear existing breakouts and prevents future outbreaks, while improving overall skin condition. Safe for all skin types, with no irritation, no dryness and no redness when using Clear+.

30% more effective than blue light alone!

FDA cleared and Health Canada approved for the treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne.

Loaded with smart, user-friendly features, Tanda is the ONLY at-home device that delivers the unparalleled combination of results, convenience, value - compare and we are confident that you’ll agree!

  • Clinically Proven Results
  • Recommended By Dermatologists
  • FDA cleared, Health Canada approved


  • Fast, painless and easy to use. In just 3 minutes, 2-3 times daily, breakout can be resolved
  • Cordless and rechargeable make this device convenient and an environmentally friendly way to care for your skin—no batteries, no cartridges, no chemicals
  • Interchangeable treatment heads allow you to expand your system by purchasing the Luxe anti-aging treatment head to provide multiple solutions for one user, or multiple users in the family


  • The largest treatment head available for shorter treatment times.
  • The most treatments available - 6000 three-minute treatments.
  • No cartridges or batteries to buy

Health Canada Approved and FDA Cleared for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles in the periorbital region.

When can I expect to see results?

You can see a difference in your complexion in just 24 hours!

Does the Clear+ Prevent breakouts from occurring?

Yes! The Clear+ uses blue LED light that is scientifically proven to kill P. acnes bacteria, treat existing blemishes and prevent further breakouts. If used as part of your daily skincare routine, you can prevent your breakouts from ever happening.

What should I expect to feel or see after using the Clear+?

First 24-48 Hours:
During treatment users will feel a warm sensation on the skin that some have described as calming. Many users experience a decrease in blemish size and an improvement in their complexion.

After 1 week of treatment:

Most users will see a decrease in the number of blemishes. The majority will also see a reduction in redness and skin oiliness, and will continue to see an overall improvement in skin condition. When used regularly, Clear+ significantly reduces the amount of acne-causing bacteria on the skin helping to prevent future breakouts.

Is the Clear+ a one-spot treatment?

No, the surface area of the Clear+ is 2.59in² /16.7cm² , so it can be used to treat several acne affected areas at once. The larger treatment surface also helps to prevent further breakouts in the surrounding area. For a spot treatment see theTanda ZAP.

What is light therapy?

Light therapy is the application of light energy for therapeutic benefits. It is a proven technology that has been used in clinics for rehabilitation and aesthetic applications for over 35 years.

Are there any harmful side effects?

There are no known harmful side effects of light therapy. Thousands of scientific studies have proven this technology to be a safe and highly effective way to treat a variety of conditions.

Can I use my normal creams and lotions?

Yes, your creams and lotions can be applied before or after treatment.

How long does the Clear+ treatment head last for?

The Clear+ treatment heads last for 300 hours which is the equivalent of 6,000 three-minute cycles.

Can it treat through makeup or clothing?

No. Laser and light devices cannot penetrate clothing sufficiently to provide an effective treatment.

Will the LED’s used in the Clear+ burn my skin?

No. Under normal operating circumstances, the temperature remains at a comfortable level. If the temperature exceeds this level, a temperature sensor in the device terminates the treatment cycle.

Is there any UV danger when using the Clear+?

No. The Clear+ does not use UV light. The Clear+ uses 414nm blue LED light.

Do I have to wear the goggles?

The goggles have been provided for your convenience and comfort as some people find the light bright. Company sponsored testing showed that, when used as directed, the device did not pose risk of damage to the eyes.

How long will a full charge last?

A fully charged battery will provide approximately 8-10, three-minute cycles, a total of 24-30 minutes.

Can I take my Clear+ when I travel?

Yes, the Clear+’s light weight design and compact form make traveling easy. The Clear+ also features a dual 110-220V transformer and a plug converter so you can use the device all over the world.

Is this device only for individual use?

The benefit of the Clear+ is that it can be shared by the whole family. Individual treatment heads may be purchased separately. The treatment heads can be easily cleaned between uses with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Are the treatment heads interchangeable?

Yes, the hand piece for both the Clear+ and Luxe are the same. Therefore you are able to interchange treatment heads on the same system offering several skin care solutions in one. The new clear+ and Luxe treatment heads are also compatible with our old prestige devices.

How long will the device itself last?

The treatment heads last for 6,000 treatments; however the hand piece itself depends on usage and care.

What all comes included in my clear+ Kit?

Your Tanda Clear+ Kit will come with the following items:

  • Clear+ cordless rechargeable handpiece
  • Clear+ treatment head
  • Recharging stand
  • Power supply
  • Goggles
  • User manual

Can I use the device if I am pregnant or nursing?

No, do not use the Clear+ if you are pregnant or nursing.

I have deeper, cystic acne, is the Clear+ right for me?

The Clear+ is recommended for mild to moderate acne. It is not recommend for deeper, more cystic acne. Please see the chart below to find out if the Clear+ is right for you:

Acne Type

Description of Condition

Is Clear+ Right for you?

Mild Acne

  • Several inflamed pimples – red in color
  • Less than 20 whiteheads, or less than 15 inflammatory red pimples or less than 30 total pimples not all inflamed


Moderate Acne

  • Any inflamed pimples (red in color) and pustules (visible accumulation of pus in skin)
  • 20 to 100 whiteheads, or 15 to 50 inflammatory pimples, or 30 to 125 total pimples not all inflamed


Severe Nodular Acne

  • Inflamed pimples and pustules (visible accumulation of pus in skin) with a few deep nodular lesions (solid mass can be felt under skin – can sometimes be raised).
  • Greater than 5 cysts (solid mass of skin like a knot, can be raised or felt under the skin), or total whiteheads count Greater than 100, or total inflammatory count Greater than 50, or Greater than 125 total lesions

No, consult your dermatologist for the best prescribed treatment.

Severe Cystic Acne

  • Many nodular cystic lesions (with signs of scarring)

No, consult your dermatologist for the best prescribed treatment.

Is there a maximum amount of treatment time per day?

It is recommended to use the Clear+ twice a day for the best results, however there is no maximum on the amount of treatment time per day and no harm in over treating.

Is it alright if I overlap treatment areas?

Yes, it is absolutely fine if your treatment areas overlap.

Is the 30 day money back guarantee applicable to all Tanda products?

The 30 day money back guarantee is applicable on all products sold through and is only valid if purchased direct from this site. If purchased from another reseller, their return policy would apply.

Can I use both the Clear+ and Luxe treatments in the same day? Is there any down time required between treatments?

Yes, you can absolutely use both the Clear+ and Luxe in the same day. In fact, since there is no down time needed, you can do them back to back.

What is the difference between the Clear+ and the older model - Tanda Clear?

The difference between the two are the technologies. While both use 414nm blue LED to kill the bacteria causing acne, the new Clear+ introduces 2 new technologies – Sonic Vibration and Heat to open up the pores so the bacteria have no where to hide. The new Clear+ head is compatible with the older devices.

How to use:

Step 1: Cleanse your skin

Step 2: Treat breakout areas for 3 minutes, twice daily.

Step 3: Apply your favourite non-comedogenic skincare products.

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I am thrilled with this product.

Review by Allie2324
I am seeing consistent results for my mild to moderate adult acne. I have been seeing a dermatologist for years and have tried many things. I decided to give up the oral antibiotics that were playing havoc on my system and just use this. The results are equaling, if not exceeding the RX drugs. It is a time commitment but when you have suffered from some form of mild acne all your life you will try anything (within reason) You can’t go wrong with the money back guarantee that Sephora offers and I have found it well worth the cost-I wouldn't want to give it back! I am thrilled with this product.

(Posted on 6/9/12)


Review by judy
This solution has saved my face from over crowding with pimples! I am very surprised that this product actually works unlike other acne treatments. This is the best item to have in a household.

(Posted on 5/4/12)

Sceptical, but works

Review by JulesB
I have darker skin, so a lot of these types of machines don't work on my acne. a lady in my office told me about this, and she said it works for all skin types.
I didn't believe her, but she let me borrow her machine anyways as her skin has all cleared up and she don't need it anymore. i tried it for 2 weeks and just came on here now to buy my own.
for something so small it made a big difference on my face. i cant wait to have my own - please ship mine fast!

(Posted on 5/3/12)

Could see results within 2 weeks!

Review by jdarc
Purchased this item about a year ago. I have cystic acne and large pores around my cheeks. Could see results within 2 weeks! My skin looked brighter and felt softer in 3 days. Have tried lots of acne treatments and was really tired of spending money with stuff that didn't work. Finally went for it and do not regret. I didn't give 5 stars because I wish the daily routine didn't take so long but, oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. :) I'm very happy with the results!

(Posted on 4/8/12)

Great new systems

Review by Jenna
I had the old Tanda Clear system and while I loved it, I think the new Clear+ is much better. I love the sonic vibration, it's like have a massage on my face. I find that it almost works better because it is opening my pores, but that may be just my imagination.

(Posted on 3/28/12)

Wish it lasted longer! Amazing!

Review by myteacher
I've had acne since I was 12. It was at it's worst when I was 20. At that time, the cysts were so bad it hurt to smile or even make facial expressions. I get acne even inside my eyelids so that I have to use steroid drops in my eyes to prevent the painful acne from forming. No one recommended this product to me. I was reading research articles online about how to deal with my acne. I feel like I tried everything. I'm vegetarian. I didn't eat any refined sugar for two years. I exercise regularly. My weight is normal. I take birth control. I'm sick of antibiotics.

Anyway, that gives you a picture of the severity of my skin when I was younger. Now that I'm 30, I still get cystic acne, but to a much less severe extent. I get 1-5 cysts a month and have tried to treat them with Rx topicals and birth control. I was on Accutane for 9 months, twice.

I've had this thing for about a month and I have noticed a big difference. I had a lot of colonies forming that had been there and worsening for months. Now they are at leat 70% gone. I had one really bad golf-ball sized cyst, which the tanda did not get rid of, but I feel like it helped it mature and go away faster (3 days, instead of my usual 5-8 weeks). I had another set of cysts that again matured and then went away after 3 days. It seems to be working. You can't even tell I have acne now under my makeup, and it's only been a month. I am looking for a full face light with red and blue lights to help with the healing process at the same time, per the research. I wish Tanda made one.

This product will be a good thing for traveling, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to see if light therapy works for them (it works for 90% of people with acne). ANother piece of useful advice for people looking for solutions to cystic acne: My dermatologist recommended taking bleach baths (1 c. bleach to a bath full of water) or swimming in chlorine in order to help open cysts heal faster, in addition to using an antibiotic topical OTC Neosporin. In addition to using the Tanda, the system seems to be working. I also use the Ren line of acne skincare products.

(Posted on 2/6/12)

Dewy and supple after only one week!

Review by PoshGloss
I have been using the Tända clear for one week, and already see dramatic improvement in my skin's clarity and tone. It has cleared up most of my mild acne and clogged pores. My skin's texture looks dewy and supple. After only one week!! I can't wait to see the improvement after a longer time frame. My routine is to treat first thing in the morning after I wash my face, and again before bedtime. Treatment time will depend on how many areas you wish to treat- for me it was about a total of 18 minutes morning and again at night (3 minute cycles per area). The light treatments haven't caused any irritation, and are even somewhat relaxing to perform. My skin is a bit on the sensitive side, so I was relieved that the tandem was gentle enough for me. The cleanser is just okay- I have found that I still prefer my olay one as it foams much better- but the blemish gel does seem to work well, and I would re-purchase once it runs out. I will definitely continue to use this product- the Tända clear light treatment is better than any other skincare product or medication I've tried in the past. Most likely I'll try out the red light treatment head in the future as well.

(Posted on 2/2/12)

What a Difference!

Review by Marie
I have been using this product for 2 weeks and what a difference! I use it twice a day for
the most part of the week and I already notice the pimples have cleared and there are
no bumps coming back. I'm really happy with the results because I've tried too many
products that haven't worked! the Tanda is my new favorite product and it's worth every
Pros: Non-drying
easy to use
Cons: time consuming, but worth the time!

(Posted on 1/12/12)

“It started with a reduction in the size of the pimples I did have. And then I started to notice that I wasn’t getting any more breakouts. Then after a while, eventually, the blemishes that I did have began to disappear. I think the results speak for themselves.”
-Ryan, Age 29

“ I started getting acne at a young age, about 12 or 13. I didn’t care so much then, as it wasn’t too bad, but as I got older it got worse. I started breaking out in my T-zone, then it would move to my cheeks, overall my skin just looked awful. I was prescribed “Acutane” a very harsh drug that reduces acne, by my doctor and that didn’t even help. When I was introduced to Tanda, I thought it was going to be another treatment that just didn’t work for me, like all the rest, but after just a few days I started to notice a difference. Then after using it for a couple of weeks, I noticed that not only was my skin clearing, I wasn’t getting any new zits. I’m now 26 and I don’t suffer from acne any longer, thanks to Tanda.”
-Sarah, Age 26

Condition: Mild inflammatory acne around the mouth and chin
History: Prior treatment for acne included over the counter topicals and oral antibiotics
Treatment 5 days with Tanda, twice a day, for 3 minutes on each affected area. No medications.

Condition: Uneven skin tone, redness, and minor breakouts.
History: Prior treatment for condition was cleansing with a mild soap
Treatment 27 days with Tanda twice per day for 3 minutes on each affected area, and 30 seconds on other areas that were not so much of a concern.


Fast & gentle solution for clear skin

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